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Eugene Drivers Underground

Scheduling a ride

At this time, Uber and Lyft in the Southern Oregon Reigion don't offer scheduling. So you have a few options:
  • After a driver picks up your request, give them a call or text to see if they'd be willing to return at a specific time; they should let you know if they can or cannot.
      Upon the driver's arrival using either app you can request the ride:
    • If it's not a busy area, the driver should get pinged
    • If it is a busy area, the driver can turn the respective driver app back on moments before you submit the request.
  • Schedule through a vetted driver through this site.
      Details generally requested:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Duration of anticipated need
    • Pickup and Dropoff locations
    • Ride mode for payment: Lyft, Uber or Cash
    • Notes: any additional details that will help expedite picking you up
      • Number of passengers
      • Animals going with (being of service or general pet) to be prepared
  • Vetted Drivers
    1. Brian Hartwig -- Flexible / Full time

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