2017 NCAA March Madness

Brackets are updated by NCAA for the respective D1 Tournaments. Live 2 will be on truTV because it’s a channel that’s harder to find a decent source to share from, through Friday, March 17, then on CBS for the rest of the tournament.

As for the “Anticipated Schedule”, the start time of the first game on a given network will initially  be listed, and teams fields will just be listed as “various”, so please check the NCAA’s March Madness Bracket page for their daily breakdown schedule.

Quacks, and enjoy.

–Brian GizmoDuckOR 3.13.17 1908 PT

I will do what I can, but canNOT guarantee 100% up-time when a game is aired on a weekday, Tuesday through Friday, 8a ~ 5p PT, based on my current employment status. If you don’t see a game listed on my anticipated schedule that you would are wanting to watch, which during this time frame only will be no more than 3 days out, then please follow through and submit a game request, preferably the day before, to help me make sure it gets shared. This goes for both the Womens and Mens games for D1, D2, D3 and NIT.

Like I am for the 2017 PAC-12 Tournaments, they will initially be listed as “various” vs “various” on “channel (network)” for a given set of days, and then will decide the night before, which Live feed they will be shared on: 1, 2, and/or 3. Though for PAC-12 Networks, that’s easy, as I don’t have to restream those.

Anyway, here are a few links that I know of, as of tonight, March 14 at 2219 PT.

The interactive brackets are updated for 2017 for both the Mens (3/12) and Womens (3/13) NCAA Tournaments.

I love having visitors, and chatters on this site. However, if you want to “just watch” and it works better for you for your device and/or connection rate, then here is your option to watch “online”, directly from the official NCAA website:

Women:2017 Division I Women's Basketball Championship

Men: 2017 Division I Men's Basketball Championship

  • NCAA
    • Selection Sunday: March 12 (my 41st birthday, beginning at 0230)
      • Coverage: CBS at 2:30p PT / 5:30p ET (~1-1/2 hours long)
    • Broadcast Info
      • TV Coverage (games begin 3/14 on truTV)
        • TNT – TBD, as I need to get a 4th computer ready to help share. (3.13.17 1911 PT)
        • CBS – Live 1 through Friday, March 17, then Live 2 through the tournament
        • TBS – Live 3
        • truTV (based on “hard to find” sources, this will be the Live 2 default)
    • Interactive Bracket
    • Final Four Details
    • Daily Events (3/31 – 4/3)
  • NIT

Daylight Saving Time for the USA: 2 AM becomes 3AM on Sunday, March 12. So ALL those manual clocks you have access to should be adjusted; otherwise, consider yourself “early” to your next event when you get up.

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