As of Wednesday August 10, Dish access was restored. As a registered member, trial or paid,
you will find it under the ‘Members‘ tab, as is the ID/PW for US TV Now.

I know Dish will allow you access to PAC-12, WatchESPN, BTN2Go,
and probably a few others. If you come across a site it works on, please let me know.

I had to prioritize my debts and utility bills to get them paid off, or at least ‘down’, which include those I have been paying for the open access on this site. Just as I was preparing to do this, my employer chose to begin work share for 1 day a week, which for me is currently a net loss of $35 / week which would have helped on the up keep of the services used to keep this site consistently active.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Brian GizmoDuck 8/13/16 1032 PDT