Channel Pear

For those that are using Channel Pear, I have added ALL 61 PAC-12 feeds (7 x TV; 54 x Digital (51 x school hosted; 1 x PAC-12+; 1 x Press Conference; 1 x Championship)), plus others like BYUtv, and my live feeds. It is free to sign up, but you will be limited to 5 channels. For unlimited channels, their monthly fee of $2.99 is a bargain; even more so if you choose one of their prepaid options, up to a year in advance. I believe this is because all they are is a launchpad to other sites that actually host the videos and live streams, and are just requesting to help keep the service available; like I am, with the low monthly fees.

-Brian 02.18.17 0009 PT

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