Christmas weekend 2016

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas. For the weekend, I will be available on Christmas Eve to be interactive and monitor the streams, but on Christmas Day, I will be spending time with the family, beginning about 7:30a PT to about 8p PT, as I will be traveling with my parental units to Portland for the day. So I will monitor when I can, and won’t be able to guarantee 100% support, maybe not even %50 for the day.

I will also, hopefully, be implementing THEOplayer, this weekend, which I believe is the ultimate HTML5 player these days, far surpassing JW Player and Flowplayer for the fullest cross browser / platform support. The only hiccup before Christmas will be, is if they aren’t able to get me set up for the initial trial, and that would be understandable. So when it does get implemented, you will be able to share and embed the video player within Facebook to share in your favorite group, on your favorite page, or on just your own page.

Brian 1917 PT

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