NOTE 01.07.17 I’m aware my video here is not functioning properly for Chromecast, per a couple of testers, thank you. However, last night I sent an email off to find out if they can look at this post and see what’s missing so it can be up and going for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m still waiting for that response, with extra patience, as I’m emailing to Belgium.

This post will update next when it’s found what was missing.

With the video player now in place, I enabled the Chromecast option for the individual feeds under TV Broadcasts and my 3 Live feeds. So far it casts, but is not sending the actual video and audio through. Please check out THEOplayer’s Demo to see if that work’s. If it does, then I will have to find out what I’m missing via their engineers.

I currently don’t own the device, so if you have one, please test it and let me know by the chat or sending an email through the contact form. I know for now, Gen 1 is not cooperating from someone who tested yesterday.

01.06.17 0655 PT: I added extra metadata to Live 2 based on THEOplayer’s demo. Please give it a try.

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