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Here are the known options to use for food ordering and delivery: *Added 02/28/2019
Here are a few suggestions on getting food delivered to you in a timely, safe and fresh manner:
  • No matter which of these you choose, if you're in an apartment / condominium complex that is hard to navigate (Chase Village being the most notorious near Autzen Stadium), please add extra notes (where possible) for delivery after taking the time to adjust your pinpoint.
  • Once you recognize it's on it's way, if you need to give a specific turn-by-turn to the driver to get in, or a keycode into a gate or door to the building, text or give them a call. Some of us will still give a heads up, like "on the way" once about to leave the restaurant, it's parking lot, or a neighboring parking lot so you can be better prepared.
  • Uber Eats: When ordering, it's set as "A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible)" by default, despite the time reference on the time frame listed and means just that. If you want a specific time, or closer to it, for priority, then please set it, and it will be pushed ahead of others that are ordering it for a "whenever" arrival.
    • Ordering from 1 of the 4 x 24 hr McDonald's after dine-in closes and experiencing a delay greater than 30-45 minutes? Give Uber Eats (Delivery) a call to find out, the phone number should be with your Order in the app; they'll contact the store and/or us drivers to find out status from their/our end.
      • Unless we choose to mark the order as "Picked up" well before confirming the order to pick it up, then we have NO ability to contact you as the driver, just the store.
    • Please be aware: Some orders are just not going through as expected for various reasons, most of which appear to be beyond our control as drivers and the employees and managers of the stores.
      • Unfortunately, sometimes these order can end up 1-1/2 to 2 hrs delayed.
        • Orders are hanging up between the Eats servers and the tablets at the respective restaurants
        • There have been known issues between the Delivery tablet and their P.O.S. creating a manual order which adds a minute or two.
        • Drivers are cancelling after the 10 min limit, routing the order to the next available driver (sometimes 10-12 mins away)
        • There are others coming in from the downtown bars, or using the McDonald's Mobile app to order
    • Ordering from most any other restaurant will result in an expected pick-up and delivery time. And some are usually able to contact you if there's a problem with the order should some items be listed as available, turn out to not be, to find out what you want to do.
    • If you happen to order from Caspian Mediterranean on the UofO Campus near closing (12a Sun-Tu, 2:30a Wed-Sat) and didn't get your order, or it was delayed longer than anticipated, most likely the driver(s) read closing time, and cancelled.) They will accept delivery orders (Eats, Postmates, etc), but no other, as they are their for bit to clean-up and then close-up anyway.
    • Ordering from most any Franchise restaurant with DoorDash or Postmates that requests the driver to order and pay with the approved card, is likely because the prices listed for the requested restaurant were pulled from a Corporate site, with items subject to availability and prices varying. If you weren't sure and just guessed, contact the driver upon arrival to the restaurant, if they haven't contacted you first.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we all "strive" to keep the overall service as safe and efficient as possible; recognizing that it will never be 100%. -01.26.19 1559 PT

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