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Delivery: GrubHub

Here are a few suggestions on getting food delivered to you in a safe, timely and fresh manner:
  • Be sure you set the preferred delivery address. Be sure to contact GrubHub customer service first, if you forgot to change it, as some drivers will by default go to the planned destination. We can't "arrive" and "deliver" if you are too far away from that address. If you call the restaurant to have them let the driver know, we still need to contact customer service to have it changed. So it's best you do it directly first, before we arrive.
  • If you are having it delivered to a business, be sure to put that name in the notes section, as most of the time, it won't show up on the driver's app, especially if it's packed in with a shopping mall, indoor or outdoor.
  • If you're in an apartment / condominium complex that is hard to navigate (Chase Village being one of the most notorious near Autzen Stadium), please add extra notes (where possible) for delivery.
  • When there are multiple restaurants in the area, like Sharis, be sure to select the one closest to your intended food
  • Once you recognize it's on it's way, if you need to give a specific turn-by-turn to the driver to get in, or a keycode into a gate or door to the building, text or give your driver a call. Text is safer. Either way, through the GrubHub system, all numbers are masked with the Chicago area code of 312, as that is where the home office is located.
  • Some of us will still give a heads up, like "on the way" once about to leave the restaurant, it's parking lot, or a neighboring parking lot so you can be better prepared.
  • If you should happen to have problem with your order, be sure to contact GrubHub via your account for accuracy and efficiency.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we all "strive" to keep the overall service as safe and efficient as possible; recognizing that it will never be 100%. -07.26.19 0917 PT

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