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Brian Hartwig


Contact details only here if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the area and/or TNC services of Lyft and Uber (first come, first serve by proximity via an app) that one of us may be able to guide you as-needed for a better visit or experience, even if already a local, based on our recent experiences.
Home base: Springfield OR
Drivers Certificate
I enjoy providing this service of getting folks to/from their destination.
Basic Information:
*Date Started: 09.14.18
*Vehicle: 2011 Chevrolet HHR, White
*License plate: TWIGS (Custom: Oregon Trail)
*Hours: Flexible as I take this on full time.
*TNC Driver:
|| XL: No (4 seat max) ||
|| Lyft: Yes || Uber: Yes ||
*Food Delivery:
|| Uber Eats: Yes || Postmates.: Yes ||
|| GrubHub: No || DoorDash: No ||
|| Instacart: No || Shipt: No ||

I am willing to be transparent with my earnings. If someone is interested in using my services to help get a similar setup going, then price negotiations can be made for either a one time setup fee, or setup / maintenance.

This is a tedious process, but will help in the long run for future taxes. I will be putting it to a separate page, and duplicating the workbook for Uber and Postmates, adjusting where needed.

--3.29.19 1237 PT--

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