Facebook Live

On January 2, 2017, about 7p PT, my accounts that I was streaming through were officially disabled by Facebook, appropriately for copyright infringements. Thus, the “P12 Live” page, and the secondary “Global Gizmo” group, was removed. Ce La Vie.

You will typically find updated posts linking b7ack to this site, or a different site for proper streaming when I won’t have the ability to properly re-stream them to Live 1, 2 or 3: (2 is the main feed)

  • Brian Scott: (my personal page https://fb.com/gduck.ggaa) 01.20.17 — Before adding me, please send me a message first, through Messenger. Otherwise your request will likely be deleted after being logged with date, name and website link for said account. Quacks for the understanding. UPDATED: 01.21.17 2333 PT as I add [aa] to the end to “hopefully” fool the spammers and hackers “for good”. 😀
  • P12 Live page resurrected http://fb.com/globalgiz 01.11.17 (dead once again, and to never be resurrected again 01.17.17)
  • Global Gizmo group resurrected 01.11.17 https://fb.com/groups/globalgiz — Old groups (*/groups/gdukor2 and */groups/globalgizmo) were removed by Facebook, appropriately. (dead once again, and never to be resurrected again 01.17.17)