Financial Blunder

Well, in order to restore services to Dish and Comcast for everyone’s enjoyment and access over this past weekend, I had Dish payment under control to be cleared in my bank account. However, because I presumed from the last time I made payment to Comcast via the ‘bank account’ option vs debit/credit, that the funds wouldn’t come out for a week; it didn’t. I paid it on Friday morning, and it cleared this morning. So now I now need to bring my checking account back to the ‘black’ from a -$324.21. If Comcast had waited until at least Wednesday, it would have cleared easily based on my weekly paycheck. Such is life.

2 thoughts on “Financial Blunder

  1. Be able to help you out a bit tomorrow. I told you a while back on or about the 21st I would kick down. Hopw it helps.
    Sorry to hear that. Stuff happens. As always thanks for your efforts, hope things go better. Ted

    1. Yes, it happens. I just goofed in that timing. Whatever you are able to “kick down”, will be a blessing. I’d love to make this an official business from a hobby, but I also know there are legalities involved that I’d need to get with someone that has a better understanding, so I don’t get steamrolled by the Broadcast Networks that would be needed.

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