Game Requests

Please check the Anticipated Schedules first, to see if the game is not already listed. You can check just the Broadcast Schedule, or the PAC-12 Digital Schedule for a longer viewing.

My preferred request of you, to make it easier on me, is to put your request in with a minimum 24 hours before the game or event. Tournament games will be the exception, as the teams will change per win/loss on how those tournament brackets are setup.

Please be sure to enter a valid email address, especially if you want a copy of your request sent to you after submitting; which you also have the option to edit the request after submitting. You are not limited to submitting only 1 entry.

“What?” is a dropdown list of common sports types to choose from. If for some reason I don’t have the type listed, select a similar one, and let me know the type in the “Additional Information” area.

“Where?” is what TV network, live stream site it will be on to re-share. If you don’t know, just put “Don’t Know” or similar.

For “Additional Information”, anything that would help make sure I’m able to stream the requested game or event, such as if it’s a mini tournament and it’s title if you don’t know what network it’s on.

My plan is to update it schedules on Monday, and go to the following Sunday; adjusting as-needed throughout the week as the requests come in.