GGWP Forum

A Simple Machines Forum is now in place.

To login, use the same ID/PW you have here on Global Gizmo Watch Party. Though the first time you sign in, you are likely to get a security warning. Don’t worry, just re-enter your password. I’ve already tested this out on 2 different accounts, and works just fine.

What to be migrated:

  • Enhanced login details for the various services provided
  • Basic streaming

I learned what to do, being a moderator / admin of an Arizona Wildcats forum.

Please bear with me as I get this set up. This should always be a “work in progress” and as such, if there are category suggestions, please let me know, and I will put them in for you all to have your discussions underneath.

-Brian GizmoDuck 7/2/17 1805 PT

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