If you are on a Windows computer, there are 3 free programs I recommend to help you rid your computer of ads / junkware if you’ve previously been watching, or attempting to watch on those other sites.

The first: Junkware Removal Tool (scroll down the page)
It will only run when you choose to run it, as it’s just a single executable file that opens a command prompt within itself to run. i.e. It doesn’t install itself, nor will it put additional ads/junk on your computer, just to run it. That would defeat the purpose.

The second: MalwareBytes
They have a paid version, but free is fine for most. The main difference to the free version, is that you get to run it manually. Paid you can have it run automatically.

If I recall, when you run the installation, they will ask if you want to install additional programs, ALWAYS click [Decline] (It may be on the left, or the right, but can be confusing by making you think you will be cancelling the main install of the program.)

The third: Piriform’s Ccleaner
They also have a paid version for additional features, but for most, the free version will suffice.

It is perfectly safe to run:

  • the main Cleaner – uncheck the Recycle bin if you don’t want it to automatically empty your trash / recycle bin
  • the Registry – automatically asks you to create a backup and then its safe to ‘repair all’.