Becoming a member of this site will not only give you the option to watch enhanced services using my login with Dish ID/PW combo **, it will also let you watch some of the standard Internet based channels through US TV Now, via that ID/PW combo. In addition, I have a server, so you can watch all known PAC-12 feeds, both broadcast and Digital, as well as my 2 live feeds at this time, without the need to visit this site, potentially giving you a better viewing experience.

**Parental controls placed to reduce the risk of further abuse on the account, causing me more financial burden.

As there will only be one set of pages for Live, PAC-12 Digital and pages, the basic ads currently in place, will still be in place.

Though most importantly, it will allow you to watch nearly 24/7/365, by helping to keep the ‘digital lights on’.

When I first started streaming, I have never really been in it for the money, hence when I finally set up the plan, it’s of less than one standard fast food meal ($5/mo).


  • 2 week Trial
  • $5 / mo
  • $15 / 3 mos
  • $30 / 6 mos
  • $100 – 1 Yr IPTV
    • Device of choice, though my current preferred is the Roku Stick, will be yours to keep, and do what you want with it. All you’d lose is access to the information requiring an active login.
    • $1,00o Oddball — randomly listed high value
      • If you choose to become a member by any other amount donated — account will be adjusted accordingly for membership time.

-Brian GizmoDuck 10.7.16 1918 PT