To access the playlists, as it has taken my time and effort to find these, and get them set up, I have put it under membership; trial even works.

Please note: Some of the feeds will take longer to load than others.

Last Updated: 02.06.17 0125 PT

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  • “PAC-12” only
    • 1 each for the 6 Regional broadcasts, which will include
      • the PAC-12 Network feed,
      • the PAC-12+ Feed
        • (new as of November 2016 — added in when they changed up their streaming links, as well as
    • the PAC-12 Press Conference feed.
  • Global Gizmo Watch Party Live playlist
    • The 3 Live feeds I will stream to,
    • plus any additional network streams, such as BYUtv.

At the top of each playlist should be:

  • the Date and Time it was last updated
  • A link back to this site
  • the Zap2It listing
    • where appropriate for a network broadcast channel