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PAC-12 Networks is getting picky as they increase their reach in the digital world, having started with joining the evolving Twitter live streaming with the Oregon Ducks Baseball team this 2017 season.

I made reference at 0028 on 6/17/17 in the chat about them being ‘reference links’, which means the TV feeds on the PAC-12 Digital school pages point to the main pages, which then point to as they have sent me a letter, appropriately, of being out of compliance because I have yet to take the proper time to find out what that all involves, legally and financially.

The PAC-12 Digital feeds also point to their respective pages on

The “Live Feeds” remain. Not sure on where it might end up.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Brian GizmoDuck 6/19/17 0003 PT

4 thoughts on “PAC-12 Networks

  1. Hi Brian, this is mloren00, I have been following you since 2 years ago, I watch the Pac-12 Networks for the NCAA baseball season. I do not know now how to keep watching the games now, could you tell me what I can do? Thank you 🙂 and go bruins…!!!

    1. mloren,

      I replied to you by email on Monday. Check your Junk / SPAM folder if necessary.


  2. Hi Brian. A few years ago I use to subscribe to your monthly service to watch the Pac 12. Is that still available?
    Thank you.

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