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Eugene Drivers Underground

Seasonal Patrols

1925 Studebaker: Marin County Sherrif's Department Police Paddy Wagon1925 Studebaker: Marin County Sherrif's Department Police Paddy Wagon
  • As a rider, please be sure to help us as drivers pick you up in a safe spot, such as the nearest parking lot if on a busy road.
  • As drivers, we will do our best to get you close, but that may mean pulling into the nearest parking lot, even if your stop is a few blocks away.
  • A grant provided through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will allow the department to increase DUII patrols. The grant covers the overtime cost of staffing increased DUII patrols to identify, stop and process impaired drivers, police spokesperson Melinda McLaughlin said.
  • If you suspect a driver is impaired, call 911.

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