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Tim Alcorn and Jared Sawyer are BACK for Season 2 of Cows & Quacks! The POD Cast that brings the REAL on College Football!

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Week 9 - 10/27/16 0505 PT -- Tim and I talk about why LSU will make the play offs and Jared starts to drink the West Virginia Kool-aid! Plus we pick the winners of this week, and Tim picks a MASSIVE Upset.

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Week 8 - 10/20/16 1932 PT -- Tom Herman to Oregon? Houston joins the PAC-12... WHAT??? Join us this week for the picks, and a bunch of other awesome stuff!

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Week 7 - 10/13/16 1903 PT -- This week on Cows and Quacks, Jared goes off.... brace yourselves, Tim laughs at Jared... They make their picks, who do you have this week?

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Week 6 - 10/05/16 1916 PT -- Happy Husky Hate Week our friends, and Happy Red River Shoot Out week! Tim & Jared welcome Oregon Media friend Sam Finely to the broadcast. Will Tim & Jared & Sam pick with their hearts or with their heads this week?

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Week 5 - 9/29/16 0339 PT -- This week on Cows and Quacks we break down Oregon's loss to Colorado, the biggest games of the week this week, and if a bullfrog had wings what he'd do... Tune in! So far Jared is leading the way with a 74% pick rate while time is trailing at 68% on the dot... How are your picks going this season! Please Listen, Like, Share! Thank you!

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Week 4 - 9/21/16 1913 PT -- Tim and Jared's teams lost this last week.... How'd they take it? Tune in! Tim is pacing at 56% this season Jared is pacing at 67% this season. How are you doing on your picks?

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Week 3 - 9/15/16 1831 PT -- Hello College Football Fans, Cows and Quacks are here for Week3 of the 2016 College Football Season! We need your help, please subscribe, like, and share! We'd love to hear your feedback on our picks as well.... So far Tim & Jared are pacing at 85% for the season on their picks... Will that streak continue into week three?

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Week 2 - 9/08/16 0357 PT -- Tim and Jared went 75% in week one, how'd you do with your college football picks? They kick off Week two by recapping week one, and going through some good match ups for week two. Please subscribe to this Sound Cloud Channel, leave a comment and share with your friends! Thank you everyone!

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Week 1 - 8/30/16 2216 PT -- We are BACK for Season 2 of Cows and Quacks, and are very excited to go through our picks for Week 1 of the 2016 College Football Season! * Keep in mind this is a very packed Weekend so we have a lot to cover* Please Subscribe to this Page, Listen, Share, and comment!

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Pre-Season - 8/8/16 1519 PT -- Join the guys are they go through the pre-season college football landscape and give you their favorites and earlier surprises they are predicting!

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