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Head on over to the PGU page for the next phase in resurrecting the old forum. It is “open access”. The chat is embedded from the Wix site that Applequest set up to try and resurrect the forum. I set it as full-width, with no master chat with ChatanGo and a modified multi-view from PAC-12 Digital: Arizona. 😀 1625 2.28.17
For those Arizona Wildcat fans that have been part of PointGuardU, the site went down sometime Wednesday, February 15, 2017. I know it’s not that I am blocked, as I have tried from over multiple networks giving me different IP addresses. The error has come up as “Server Not Found” via desktop, and “DNS address could not be found” via mobile.

Having just done a search on the phone number listed in the GoDaddy registration of pointguardu.com, I came across a 2010 post from “Pras Murthy” listing the website and phone number. When following through to the account, it shows photos of the business ventures. So looks like he’s been ‘found’ in one form. Now for someone to make an inquiry.  Screen Shot taken of said post in case he comes about it, wants to delete it. I changed “www” to “mobile” to reduce unwanted details for the screen shot, in addition to zooming in to maximize clarity. (2.20.17 2028 PT) Found another Facebook account, as a friend of Pras, with the business venture profile picture, and the cover photo being of PGU; both accounts are linked below.

Well, in what I would believe to be random, I found my way to @UofAPointGuardU on Twitter, only to find a post referencing to Ace Thakore’s death on February 18. In searching via Google for both names, including obituaries made available online, I have not found one thing on him and the death. If anyone in the Tuscon area can find out anything to confirm or deny his death, it will prove if he’s set up a hoax on his own death or not. I do know he has 2 other websites in the medical industry that are still active, which I believe is how he’s made the money he’s referred to on occasion. Movie insight…. If this the death of “Ace”, and not Ajay, hopefully this is his E.T. moment where E.T.  (Ace) and Eliot (Ajay) separate, and life is good again. 😀

I can say this: In one of few times he popped in, either end of January, or beginning of February 2017, he had made reference of being frustrated about some things with how PGU was going. I also know, for whatever reason, he had chosen to NOT respond to my private message December 15, 2016, nor the one I sent to him in regards to usage information after being banned from the chat on the forum, just the previous week, with ‘read request notification enabled’. On numerous occasions, I would talk more about how this site needed to be ordered, but it was more that I was thinking/typing out loud, and still understood and recognized that most on PGU had no clue, or no need to know, and just wanted to “be able to watch”, but it made it easier for me to recognize issues I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

I have also noted by searching for PointGuardU on Facebook, the page is unavailable as well. So it leads me to believe something more “phishy is going on”, but still can’t prove it. And that’s where all of you that have been in contact with Ace in one format or another, can help research it out, with given links below.

Thank you for reading through this, and I hope we can find out his “true status”, whether he has died, or is still living.

Brian “GizmoDuck” Hartwig
2.20.17 2044 PT


Here are some known sources to help you get started. I will add more if I find them, and please, if you find a source that could help someone else, until we’ve confirmed or denied his life status, let me know and I will tack it on here. Thank you. 😎 You will find a link to a Reddit thread about Ace and PGU that started up a few days ago as well.


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  1. Here’s a post on reddit…I posted after Jeff responded but it has since been deleted.

    I doubt he’s dead…just his way of ending it. Once a drama queen always a drama queen.

    I could be wrong.

    1. Thanks for the “Reddit” link as it eventually helped me in a discovery by phone number registered with the PGU domain.

      As noted by paragraph 2 in the post, I strongly believe I found him as “Pras Murthy” on Facebook. 4 points on that post from 2010 confirm: website, phone number, email address and tag of “aj”. Also, following through to Pras’ account, helps confirm as it shows photos of the business ventures.

  2. Hi GizmoDuck. I’m not a user of your site, but I was a PGUer and appreciated what you added there. My take on it is that he pulled the plug on the site and also his alter ego “Ace.” My understanding is his name is Ajay Thakore. Ace was more of a stage name and he died along with PGU.

    Ace may not have been a saint, but I would never wish death on anyone. I hope Ajay is alive and well running Gopher Media and DVM Multimedia is Vegas.

    1. 1. Thank you for your perspective. This site is not for everyone, but it’s there for those that have no other means to watch locally, with friends, family, and even foes. 😀

      2. Agreed…. I hope and pray for Ajay, that he himself is still alive, and doing well. And hopefully this is/was his “E.T.” moment where ‘Ace’ (E.T.) separates from ‘Ajay’ (Eliot) and life is good again. 😀

  3. I would speculate that something happened the week in which Greg Byrne left ,unexpectedly.
    FOIA on Donald Remy,ncaa.

    Greg is fall out
    Ace is follow up ..fall out

      1. Interesting, yes. But other options I have learned through a DM on Twitter, may reveal a different result.

    1. If you truly are “Jeff Sessions” of the DOJ, then I wouldn’t have been able to see your IP, as your iPhone would have been “secured”. So please try again, or just not post at all.

  4. Hey dude, I’ve used your links before when I wasn’t able to watch the game at home (i.e. stuck at child’s event) and really appreciate your work here.

    Long time PGU member and PF member. Sucks that ACE shut it down in this fashion. I honestly don’t think he passed away. If he did, my condolences to his family.

    While there are arguments on both sides about the site and peoples opinions of ACE I always enjoyed hoping on there and getting info about my Cats, chatting with like minded fans, picking on the Scum Devils, and checking to see if there was any juicy tidbits about the program.

    R.I.P. Pointguardu.com

    Love to all my fellow Cat fans out there!

    AKA G2Martinez

    1. Glad you’ve enjoyed the access. I’m looking at setting up my own forum with bbPress, but that won’t get going until this weekend. And yes, the way it dropped doesn’t look good. But through another longtime PG member, via Twitter, I got some good info to check on later today during breaks at work.

  5. Does anyone have any decent alternative sites to visit with a decent forum for Cats discussion? Not thinking we are going to find a good source of info but wouldn’t mind finding a site that at least reports decent news as well.

  6. I, too, am sorry to see PGU go down – especially the way it just abruptly ended. I look forward to connecting with familiar voices somewhere down the line.

    1. That’s part of why I got on the run to gather information to just find out he’s still living, or not. I believe with now knowing another phone number and address, I can send off a letter, and inquire with concern.

  7. Gizmo,

    I truly appreciated your contribution to the good part of PGU. You’re naturally kind and generous, and I saw many Cat games I would not have if not for your good nature. Any further good endeavor on your part will be well served in conjunction with Bear Down Wildcats. I’ve already made the change and I look forward to seeing you there.

    1. Thanks. I believe a big part of why Ajay is heavy on my heart, despite his behavior, we both like the idea of the technology, and helping out. Obviously, when he gets frustrated, and in a way I saw it coming, back in January, he would shutdown. Though didn’t anticipate such a drastic cut, understanding full and well that it’s his site and can do as he will. So maybe I’m E.T., and he Eliot, having come in to his territory. 🙂

  8. A lot of speculation in here, but if anyone says they know anything, they are lying. If anyone knew it would be Murd, Ryno, and myself, and we don’t. We were each given 5% of PGU and we are just as much in the dark. In the meantime, I have set up a temporary site to keep everyone together. If it appears PGU will be gone for good, the plan to create a new site. It was the community that made PGU great, and we won’t let that go. For now, stop into https://pgu-pointguardu.wixsite.com/pointguardu to keep in touch. And thanks Gizmo for hosting this conversation and your service to needy P12 fans everywhere.

    1. Understood. And you’re welcome. I’m also quite willing to let you set up shop on my server. Yes, Wix is a good start, but for some of what’s intended, to resurrect PGU to something similar as to what it was, may have its limitations there.

    2. 5% of what? Did you ever get anything in writing? Seems like the 3 of you should at least get something for all the work you did at Pointguardu.

  9. Hey gizmo, thanks for this. And thank you all of you fellow pgu’ers for your contributions over the years. I loved the site, although the drama was always a bit much (I was banned only 3 times). Hope someone comes up with s good alt site soon!

    1. You’re welcome. And it looks like that will happen. Reunion first, getting folks over here, then working on getting the forum installed and active. I was only banned from the chat about 10 days earlier from the PGU going down.

  10. I loved the site. Was never an “official member” I did have a profile under “Lute4Prez” back in the day though. I have a cool story, where ACE (who I had as a friend on FB at the time) wrote me the day before Rondae Hollis Jefferson silently committed and told me short and simply, “He’s committing tomorrow.” This was some time ago but that always made me feel cool, because it was never posted on the site, and Ace just randomly messaged me. Yet I also distinctly remember submit a post that featured a new shirt done by “Finally Made” featuring the “AIR-ZONA” logo. The post was on how there should be some support for the local clothing companies (I’m a good friend of Prince the owner, and REP TUCs owners all well) This was removed only an hour after I posted it, with no explanation.. Few months later..Behold a “AIR- ZONA” “PGU” shirt collab… Kinda bothered me in the wrong way due to my loyalty to PGU. As fas as “ACE” being dead goes. I think he got tired of getting called out for info that is extremely volatile and could change at any moment. Anyways in my withdrawals for Arizona recruiting info, I lurked Brian Bowens page on twitter.. With a little detective work I found this gem.. Which I believe shows he is visiting Tucson for today’s showdown with UCLA..

    1. Right. Hopefully we, the collective members of PGU, can get ownership of the site and begin “righting the ship”. That would be ideal over creating a completely fresh site. Though the site Apps setup is a good entryway to a holding tank until then.

        1. That there is. Ace had his information, but definitely a lot of personal faults. And as I observed, especially of the few weeks before the shutdown, let the frustration get the better of him of how things were going.

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