Programming Requests

Yes, this site is focused on the PAC-12 Network, but with enough advanced warning, preferably 24hrs, I will do what I can to put the game or event on one of the feeds, if it doesn’t conflict with what’s already on. Please don’t just state the team, as I don’t know what you are looking for. Please let  me know the station, sport type, time it’s supposed to start, etcetera, to help me find a feed to re-stream, if possible.

Now, you can do it one of a few ways, use the Contact Me page, or post in the chat. If it is by the chat, then please be aware, I may not be available to respond within a reasonable time, if it’s Mon – Fri 8a – 6p PT, as I am at work between 8:30a – 5p PT, and may not have the opportunity to check in.

Thank you, and enjoy.