Global Gizmo Watch Party Live [Streaming]: Quacks for the support!
I've appreciated your visits since the beginning in September 2012, first year of the PAC-12 Conference. However, I officially gave up September 13, 2019. In September 2018, I changed employment as an employee to Self Employed with Lyft, Uber / Uber Delivery, Postmates, and now GrubHub. Thus I haven't had the proper time to properly monitor, nor produce consistent feeds as I've been staying active with these services, if I wasn't on vacation.
Back in August, I cancelled all subscriptions on the forum site, as well as any active subscriptions through PayPal going forward so no one would be charged for a product I couldn't produce when I was still in limbo of deciding wether to keep this service going, or not. Turns out not.
If you've been a supporter, or would still like access to Dish Network, I will provide it by email support (listed below) with a suggested $10/mo minimum. Though I can't guarantee the number of active viewers allowed based on the services that are allowed to login with.

If the PAC-12 Playlists have / do work for you great, but I know they won't work for myself nor at least one other, which in part was why I began pulling from the forum site, then got busy and next thing I knew, the 2019-2020 season was upon. Completely forgetting about the separate streaming site itself until it was brought up to me by a member in the forum, which I had also disabled registration to for pending decision of the closure.
Again, Quacks (thank you in UO Duck speak), for all the support, and best wishes in the future.

Brian GizmoDuckOR Hartwig
10.12.19 1839 PT Email:

I am comfortable in sending you to these alternative source(s).
If you know of one to be shared, let me know via the email above ^^, and I will get it listed.
  • - He's been at it as well to keep quality sources the best he can. Ads included on his feeds.
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