Eugene Drivers Underground

Rules and Regulations

    As drivers:
  • When picking up or dropping off we are not supposed to be doing so in the middle of the lane, at the corner, etc. We are supposed to find the nearest "safe spot", be that a pull out, drive way or parking lot.
  • We are NOT a ride hailing service, but a ride sharing service which means NO lights, etc are to be placed on top of the vehicle to make you appear as a taxi cab.
  • Decals and lights: Officially provided decals should be placed on the windshield and a secondary window in the back end. If you choose to order the lighted signage, it must be words only, and not use any color that is deemed for "emergency services" like blue for the police, as you can get pulled over and possibly a ticket, as one driver has already experienced (11/18) with a passenger on the way to Mahlon Sweet Field (EUG Airport).
    As riders:
  • For picking up and dropping off, if you know of a safe stop, particulary in a busier area, please suggest it to the driver. If being picked up, feel free to call or text it if we're more than a few minutes away.
  • GPS: Is there for a guidance. If you know of a safer, quicker route to your destination, then by all means, speak up, it will help us as drivers in the long run for any future runs to / from those areas (native from birth or not). Both Lyft (Google Maps) and Uber (Waze App) are known to try and throw routes in a direction that may not be the best one.
  • With the freeway construction in progress over the next couple of years, and certain large events, those of us that are native (born and raised, 25+ years) will try and automatically take a different route if we believe it will keep the car moving, versus stop and go; distance could be a little more, but a shorter time. So please keep that in mind.

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