Spring Vacation 2017

*Updated 4/13/17 1817 PT*

I will be directly unavailable from the computers between 4/22 and 5/8.

I will be trying to set up what I can so that I can make sure I can remote connect to the computers to monitor as I can. I know that the NFL Draft is at the end of the first week. I also know that Oregon’s Spring Game is also 4/29 at 11am PT, but thankfully, that will be on the PAC-12 Oregon Regional Feed and possibly the Network feed, so I won’t have to worry about re-sharing it.

Anyway, the general plan is as follows.

*4/22 -> Head to Oroville and hopefully be attending worship service at Olive Hill MBC on Sunday under my pastor, Bro Fred McCarn.
*4/23 -> Head to Anaheim for a few days (Disneyland on the 24th). Postponed to a future date. Prayers being answered on the Lord directing where this trip needs to go, versus where I want to go.
*4/26 -> Attend worship service at Living Word Missionary Baptist Church with Bro Andrew McClung, Pastor.
*4/27 – 5/2 -> Arizona visit -> By a friend on Facebook, I was told to visit “The Well” while I was in the area.
*5/3 -> head for Utah to visit for a few days.
*5/7 -> be in Oroville to hopefully be in worship service at Olive Hill MBC, under my pastor, Bro Fred McCarn.

Other than a few select days and times, the rest is flexible. I know I have a place to stay, non-gratis, by a Duck/Wildcat fan, and her Wolverine husband, site unseen of me; then again, that’s generally how it works with AirBNB, when you rent a room from someone, as they won’t get to know you, unless you make contact, particularly by voice, before arriving.

Should you want to try and connect with me, please let me know in by comments, the contact-me form, or if you’re on Facebook, I have a private event set up for planning this trip.

Regardless of what funds come in, the biggest blessing will be the ability of meeting up with any number of you, off the digital grid.

So if you’ve enjoyed the access on this site, but are just uncomfortable in supporting the streaming itself, yet wanted to do something for me, one option is a travel request I set up through GoFundMe to help cover some of the expenses.

If it works out, I’d love to take some unique business cards with me, 4mm plastic coasters. I am looking into a couple of sources, one is Coaster Factory in Canada, which is where the included photo is from there quick setup, and through a local company in Eugene, King Retail Solutions, to see if they are able to do the same thing.

Quacks, Beardown and go Utes!
Global Gizmo Watch Party Business Card

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