Video Adjustments

I’m making adjustments on the PAC-12 Feeds to start with. Unfortunately I decided to test at the wrong time for Oregon and Network, but got those back to working order for the last 5 mins of the Montana v Oregon MBK game on 12/13/16 at 7p PT. And I’m truly sorry for the headaches in the 2H. 😥

Anyway, through that, I’ve finally learned a few new tricks to give treats. Thus far I’ve started working backwards alphabetically for the regional feeds: Washington, Oregon and Mountain. I will get the rest of the regional feeds, plus the national feed (Network), by Friday night.

Please be aware, and I have not an answer for it…. for the Wowza Player, the playlist loading by default (mobile devices) doesn’t always load properly on an Android based phone. It can load the first time, second time, or take several times of reloading the page and waiting out a few extra seconds for the file to load. However, when clicking on the link in the associated table, it works just fine in Video Player Perfect (HD) (a modified version of VLC for Android).

I have also noted, that the qualities that especially cause issue on Android in the master playlists, work perfectly fine individually. I can’t explain that one either, but it just does for Wowza Player, FlowPlayer and the Video Perfect Player.